Please come to Auditions PREPARED WITH AN UP TO ONE-MINUTE MONOLOGUE. Do not expect to simply read from the script. If you have questions about monologues or preparation, please contact the Village Church Community Theater office.

Bring completed Audition Form with any and all conflicts indicated, as well as a photo (headshot or snapshot print). Read below for more details and appointment information.


Village Church Community Theater Spring 2018 Production

Little Women
By Gary Peterson
Based upon the book by Louisa May Alcott
Four Performances on these Dates: April 27, 28 and 29, 2018

For girls and women ages 12 through 80
For men ages 18-80
Sunday, February 18 (1-3 PM) and Monday, February 19 (5-7 PM)
Village Church Theater (Fellowship Center)

Read below for details and appointment information.

Contact Amy Zajac for an audition appointment:
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Basic Information:

  • Come to Auditions PREPARED WITH AN UP TO ONE-MINUTE MONOLOGUE. Do not expect to simply read from the script. If you have questions about monologues or preparation, please contact the Village Church Community Theater office.
  • Bring completed Audition Form (see below) with any and all conflicts indicated.
  • Provide a photo (headshot or snapshot print).

Audition Requirements:

  • Complete and Sign Audition Form, including calendar conflicts (parents also sign for minors)
    (Download Audition Form HERE)
  • Actors MUST prepare a short monologue (approximately one-minute, dramatic or comedic)
  • Bring a headshot or snapshot
  • Separate resume optional

Additional Details:

  1. Time passes in this show – approximately 6 years total. Actors must be able to cover a range of years (see ranges in character list below) Costume and makeup changes will be important, but so shall be willingness and ability to stretch as actors, especially teens.
  2. Singing not required for all parts, but preference may be given to those who have basic singing ability. All singing in the show is in group setting, singing Christmas carols. Plan to sing a simple tune (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday, etc.) or Christmas carol to show basic ability to sing.
  3. Piano playing a plus for some characters, especially Beth and Mr. Laurence, though not required.


Adapted from the literary classic by Louisa May Alcott, this is the story of the four March sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy - each with a distinctively different personality. We see them grow up in Civil War era Massachusetts, through seven years of experiencing life’s joys, disappointments, and unconditional love. Along with their mother, Marmee, who keeps the home while their father is away as an Army chaplain, the girls’ Aunt March, and the family housekeeper, we come to know the warm and friendly neighbors, the elder and younger Lawrence men, who befriend the “little women” and with whose lives their own become intertwined. This is a timeless story of loving relationships, where family and friends make the most of difficult times, share in happy moments, and learn and grow with mutual support as life’s challenges and joys provide the kinds of everyday moments and big surprises to which audiences can relate. It is romance and family drama, personal quest and the time in girls’ lives when they are between childhood and adulthood, when they are “little women.”

Women’s Roles

Amy Curtis March: An artist, selfish, pampered baby sister – lots of emotional growth.
Character age span: 12-18

Elizabeth “Beth” March: A pianist, sweet-spirited, gentle, kind and shy peacemaker of the family.
Character age span: 13-19

Josephine “Jo” March: Impulsive, independent and opinionated, a determined writer with a temper.
Character age span: 15-21

Margaret “Meg” March: Responsible, domestic, mature, traditional and sentimental.
Character age span: 16-22

Margaret “Marmee” March: Girls’ mother, head of household while Father is away, charitable volunteer; confesses to strong temper she has learned to control.
Rough character age range: 40-55

Hannah Mullet (supporting role): March family maid and cook, of Irish descent and very dear to the family more like a member of the family than a servant.
Age range flexible

Aunt March (supporting role): The girls’ great-aunt, a wealthy widow and society woman who appears strict and judgmental, but is soft-hearted towards her great-nieces.
Rough character age range: 60-75

Men’s Roles

Theodore "Laurie" Laurence: Boy next door, grandson of wealthy neighbor preparing to enter Harvard. Older than Jo but younger than Meg.
Character age range: 16-22

Robert “Father” March (supporting role): Formerly wealthy, his generosity in helping others less fortunate followed by chaplaincy in the Civil War has lead to family now in genteel poverty.
Rough character age range: 45-60

James “Mr.” Laurence (supporting role): Laurie's grandfather and a widowed, wealthy neighbor of the Marches. Protects the March sisters while their parents are away. Developing a special, tender friendship with Beth, he gives her a family piano.
Rough character age range: 65-80

John Brooke (supporting role): Polite and mature, tutor to Laurie and bookkeeper to Mr. Laurence, falls in love with Meg, wounded serving in the Army.
Rough character age range: 25-35

Friedrich “Fritz” Bhaer (supporting role): Middle-aged German professor, language instructor, befriends and encourages Jo in her writing when she moves to boarding house in New York.
Rough character age range: 40-55